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Bad Business Idea Of The Week #3 “The Snooze Booster”

bad business idea

Welcome to the Bad Business Idea of the Week, where you can find inspiration from some of the worst and most ridiculous business ideas out there.

So far we’ve analysed some pretty shocking business ideas that have been a total flop or somehow become a raging success. We at Virtual Headquarters have also come up with some pretty genius and absolutely ridiculous business ideas of our own… (yes we really get paid to do this).

You may be asking yourself, what is the point of these posts? (Trust me, we’ve asked ourselves the same question) BUT it’s important to know that no matter how crazy an idea can seem to you, there could be a market for it, and that even the most successful companies sometimes miss the mark.

Blockbuster: Brushing Off Streaming Like Last Season’s Trends


Picture this. The year is 2000. Denim on denim is somehow a good idea, and the internet has just started crawling out of its prehistoric slumber. In walks Reed Hastings, the nerd-in-chief of a start-up called Netflix, with an idea that would change everything: streaming video content online. He approaches Blockbuster, the Godzilla of video rental stores, with a proposal to buy Netflix.

Blockbuster, with the swagger of a company that thinks it’s got it all figured out, laughs. Streaming? Online? What’s next – mobile phones that can take photos? They politely show Reed the door, probably while jingling the keys to a new DVD aisle in his face.

Fast forward a few years, and the plot thickens. Blockbuster, like a dinosaur wondering why it’s suddenly so chilly, files for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Netflix, the once-snubbed brainchild of Reed, is now a global behemoth, with subscribers in the millions, and is responsible for 15% of the world’s internet bandwidth (as well as 90% of our procrastination).

The lesson here? Sometimes, what seems like a bad idea might just be the next big thing. Or in Blockbuster’s case, the idea that you laugh off while wearing denim on denim could be the very thing that turns you into a fossil. So next time you’re faced with a decision that could change your business, don’t be a Blockbuster. Be a Netflix.

The Snooze Booster

Category: B2C

Product/Service: Product

Annual Market Size: UK market – UK Alarm Clock industry £8.27 million (source)

Main Competition: Actual functioning alarm clock companies…

Main Drawbacks: Figuring out if the Snooze Booster is just snoozing, or if it needs new batteries.

Chance of success: 1/1000 on a weekday 1000/1000 on a weekend (who wants to get up early on a Sunday right?)

So what is the Snooze Booster?

The Snooze Booster, ladies and gentlemen, is the knight in shining armour for those who believe mornings should be enjoyed leisurely. It is the superhero of sleep, the custodian of cosiness, and the sentinel of slumber. This miraculous contraption ensures that your dreams aren’t cut short by the harsh sound of an alarm. You see, with the Snooze Booster, sleep quality takes a quantum leap. No longer do you have to vigorously battle with the morning alarm, but rather, you can slip further into the warm embrace of your duvet. The result? A boost in mood, improved memory and concentration (source), lower stress, and even a better immune system. Just imagine, with the Snooze Booster, you’re not just sleeping in, you’re strengthening your health, one snooze at a time!

How does it work?

When the dreaded time arrives, you’re jolted awake by the harmonious melody of a klaxon. However, unlike your conventional alarm clock, the Snooze Booster is a tad more considerate. It’s like a butler with a PhD in sleep science.

Snooze Booster is equipped with ground-breaking REM (Rapid Eye Movement) tracking technology. This sophisticated doohickey charts the seas of your slumber, mapping out the peaks and troughs of your REM cycle like a seasoned mariner. Now, when your alarm is meant to go off, the Snooze Booster takes a gander at your sleep data. If it finds you in deep REM sleep – a crucial phase for cognitive functions like learning and memory – the Snooze Booster thinks, “Hold on, they’re in the middle of something important here. Best let them finish.” And with the precision of a brain surgeon and the gentleness of a mother tucking in her child, it hits the snooze button for you.

So, if you’re worried about being late for work, don’t be. The Snooze Booster has your back! And if your boss asks why you’re late, just tell them that your alarm clock took an executive decision for the betterment of your cognitive functions. They’ll surely understand the importance of a well-rested employee, won’t they?

What does it look like?

alarm clock

Exactly the same as a normal alarm clock to be honest.

facial recognition

Okay, this one is cooler, it has facial recognition technology to track your REM sleep.

smartphone app

The smartphone app “Snooze Booster”

How is it powered?

Batteries. Next question?

Who will buy it?

This product is fun for all the family, got an important meeting that you really don’t want to attend? Snooze Booster. Got to go to your annoying cousin’s wedding? Snooze Booster? Been up all night having a Nicholas Cage Marathon and you just want a flipping lie in? Snooze Booster. This product is absolutely designed to give you the one thing in life we all just can’t get enough of; sleep. Yes, you may find yourself in hot water with your boss, and yes you may miss your early morning flight to visit your Gran in Scotland, but can you really put a price on comfort?

How does it compare to similar products?

It’s just a much less offensive alarm clock really isn’t it? Sure all the alarm clocks out there have snooze capabilities, but the Snooze Booster is the Derren Brown of alarm clocks, it can read your mind and knows you better than you know yourself. It’s safe to say this product is one of a kind, and we are sure it will be a big hit (of the snooze button!)

Snooze Booster Reviews

“ZZZZZZZZZ” – this customer was still asleep.

“Thanks a lot, I missed my appraisal because of this and they promoted Linda over me… she’s only been here for 5 months” – a grumpy customer who probably should’ve snoozed a little longer.


So, there you have it, folks – the Snooze Booster! A visionary product for those of us who cherish our dreamland escapades over the mundaneness of reality. The Snooze Booster reaffirms that it’s perfectly fine to dream big, to concoct the oddest of ideas, and to defy the norms. But remember, the caveat here is this: you must have a market for your product, no matter how eccentric it may be. You see, the Snooze Booster is not just an alarm clock; it’s a testimony to the spirit of innovation that dares to challenge the status quo. It’s an homage to all the Blockbusters and Netflix’s of the world who dared to dream and made a mark. But let’s not forget, unless there’s a crowd of sleep-deprived dreamers ready to hit that snooze button, it’s just an alarm clock with an identity crisis. So, dream big, innovate, disrupt, but make sure there’s someone ready to buy your dream, or else it’s just another snooze in the grand clock of commerce.

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