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Virtual HQ & Mobal

Working together to maximise the potential of your Virtual Office address, making sure your business shines the brightest online! As an exclusive offer for Virtual HQ clients, we're thrilled to provide an incredible 20% discount on Mobal's management tool.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximise your business's visibility and fuel its growth.

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Let's get you on the map!


132 locations and counting...

Supercharge your business's UK coverage with Virtual HQ's tailored multi-site package, and Mobal online management tool to enhance your online presence and attract a larger customer base.

With our bespoke package, you can put your business locations on the map and expand your reach to customers in cities across the UK. Unlock the power of Mobal, the leading local SEO software for both single and multi-location brands.

Add locations

Full control of your GMB, Bing, Apple & social profiles

Bulk features, perfect for multi-site profiles

Save time & money by automating manual tasks

Improved SEO and reputation online

Mobal is giving VHQ clients 20% discount 😲

UK's largest independent virtual office network!

Map Connections on Mobal

One home for all your online profiles, establish absolute control over your brand's presence across various platforms.

Why manage your online business profiles with Mobal?

"Mobal gives you the tools to improve your business profiles and effortlessly manage ​everything from a single platform, ​and ​win over more customers. Taking control of your brand's online visibility and ensuring the verification of all ​your business profiles allows ​you to secure top positions in online searches. This not only enhances ​your credibility but also increases ​your visibility and fosters greater customer trust. "


Jakob Wikström

CEO & Co-Founder


Why manage your online business profiles with Mobal?

All your business profiles, managed from one place.
All your business profiles, managed from one place.

Mobals AI-powered platform is the easiest and fastest way to keep your business profiles on search and maps in shape and up-to-date, effortlessly.

Click once - update all your profiles.
Click once - update all your profiles.

Maximise your time and update opening hours, publish posts and answer reviews in minutes across all your online profiles. Driving more traffic and sales.

Verify you business profiles
Verify you business profiles

Take control of your brand's online visibility. Verify all your business profiles to show up first online. Experience the benefits of enhanced credibility, increased visibility, and greater customer trust.

Respond to reviews fast
Respond to reviews fast

Elevate your online reputation with ease using Mobal's ready-made templates and AI-powered review suggestions. Capture positive customer feedback, and attract new customers.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look below for testimonies from Mobal's current customers!

"With Mobal, we now have a solution that enables us to manage our business listings in bulk. It saves us much valuable time."


Magnus Ejdne

Commercial Manager @JBIL

"Managing our Google reviews with Mobal has never been easier. Super fast and effortless user experience, highly recommend!""


Thomas Lundström

Marketing Manager @ Green Hippo

"Managing opening hours effectively across our many locations used to be a real pain. With Mobal it’s so simple and fast."


Minna Auravuo

Marketing & Commercial Manager @UFF